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Old English Bulldog
Puppies Have Arrived

Betty and Nash's Litter
1 puppy looking for his family 
9 weeks old / contact for full info

Old English Bulldog Puppies 

* Future Pairings *

Fall 2024

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Why Get Old English Bulldog Puppies from us

At Beauts and Brutes we believe you don't just "buy a puppy" from us, you become part of our family.  We back up our puppies with a LIFETIME HEALTH GUARANTEE, breeder support and make sure our Old English Bulldog Puppies are on track to become happy, healthy, well adjusted dogs.


Right from the start our puppies follow a daily curriculum which focuses on early neurological stimulation, socialization and handling, and startle recovery exercises.  This helps them to develop the very best temperaments and properly prepares our old english bulldog puppies to become part of your family.

We do everything breeders can possibly do to breed and rear our puppies to be the best canine companions money can buy, with optimal temperament and health.  


  • Vet health clearance, up to date vaccinations and worming. 

  • Guaranteed not inbred, dramatically reducing your puppy's
    chance of inheriting serious genetic defects ie its parents will not be related
    for at least 4 generations. 

  • We do Embark genetic tests on all of our breeding dogs. This helps us make the best breeding matches to improve the breed by avoiding major genetic issues.

  • Family reared for great early socialization so your puppy is properly prepared to become part of your family, scientifically proven to reduce the likelihood of behavioural issues later in life (good reason NOT to buy from puppy mills or ill intention breeders!). 

  • Photo or video updates of their progress as puppies.

  • A full "Users Manual" that covers your puppy's care, grooming, training etc, plus information on how to inexpensively feed your dog throughout its life for optimal health and minimal vet bills.

  • Personality matching to each family so that your new family member's
    temperament fits your household composition and ownership experience as optimally as possible.  This is especially important if you have small children in your family and/or are a first-time owner.

  • Tails docked and Dewclaws removed to prevent the chance of future painful injury

  • A Lifetime Money-Back Health Guarantee on life-threatening inherited disorders.

  • 6 weeks of complimentary pet insurance is also available to all new owners from Petsecure.

  • Already pre-trained to come when called (a lifesaving tool)

  • Toilet trained to our environment, making it as easy as possible for you. 

  • Chew toy conditioned to enjoy chew toys

  • A goodie bag including blanket the smells like mom for easier transition to new home.

The Importance of “Space” When Bring Home a Puppy

Setting the foundation right from the start is so important with bringing home a new puppy.  One of the biggest mistakes new puppy owners do is giving their puppies TOO MUCH SPACE!

 Giving puppies way to much space adds a lot of frustration for both puppy and owner, and gives unrealistic expectation that the puppy will know where to potty and what they are allowed to chew or play with.   Creating a small space that is secure will eliminate most of the things that make puppy rearing a lot of work instead of fun. 

Puppies will be very happy to have enough space to have an area to potty in and an area to sleep and play in. If they have too large of a space they will use all the extra space as another potty area.  Most people will give a puppy a whole floor which is way bigger then what a den would be and therefor to them a large bathroom.

Having a secure separate area also gives the puppy a safe space where they can decompress and sleep where no one will bug or interrupt them. People, especially children will often over stimulate and interrupt the essential sleep and rest time puppies need.  This can then cause the puppy to react in a negative way (growling or becoming skittish) which is not really their fault as we have not respected their need for space and rest. 

The best thing to do before puppy comes home is to invest in a some fencing and a piece of water proof flooring.  Set up a small area to start right next to the door they will be using for  going outside to potty (potty training should initially take placing using one door only). Once the puppy stops having accidents in their small area you can add a little more space and continue adding as they earn it. Then before you know it all fences will be down, and you can work on adding another floor to their “den” space.  

Even after a puppy is fully potty trained and trustworthy I continue to have a separate area available for them to sleeping in.  I also use this area for the dogs to spend time in when no one is home as even fully trained dogs that have all their need fulfilled will still get into mischief when no one is home.

It may seem like a lot of work but I guarantee you having this space boundary for your dog will not only help with potty training, prevention of ingesting foreign objects, helping to avoid destructive behaviour or getting into mischief but it will ultimately help your puppy feel respected.  Puppies who’s needs are met (one of the first needs being boundaries) it will reflect in their temperament, their ability to trust and ultimately their bond with you.

Old English Bulldog puppies

Old English Bulldog Puppies, Tips and Tricks 

Puppy Gallery 
Olde English Bulldog Puppies  Paw print in heart
Olde English Bulldog Puppies  paw print
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