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Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food Is Natural

Pets, just like us humans, are meant to enjoy healthy and natural meals like raw dog food! That's why it is best for your pooch when you feed them a raw dog food diet. Giving your pup the right food can help their body absorb nutrients more easily than with artificial vitamins that come from processed kibble or canned pet food. Dogs thrive on a diet that’s rich in quality protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars which a properly balanced, raw dog food diet will provide.

Raw Dog Food For Skin and Coat Health

Your pup's skin is an important organ, and a key indicator of their overall health. Feeding them the right nutrients can make all the difference — think fewer dry patches, less dandruff and shedding, shinier fur... you name it! When your four-legged friend gets vitamins from raw food instead of commercially prepared options, their body absorbs those nutrition more easily due to active enzymes in the dish. With Raw dog foods - you'll notice obvious positive changes in no time!

Get Less Poop and Gas with Raw Dog Food!

Commercial pet food often contains grains, peas, corn, and other ingredients that are not a natural part of a dog’s diet. These ingredients are harder for your pup to break down, resulting in more gas and waste (aka poop). A raw food diet contains meat, organ, bone, and select vegetables – all things a dog was meant to digest. The ingredients in raw dog food can be easily broken down and used for fuel, which means less becomes waste. The poops will also become firmer and after a few days become chalky and decompose faster.

Raw Dog Food To Reduce or Eliminate Allergies 

We often don't think of diet as the major cause when it comes to pet allergies, but what may seem like an allergy is usually a combination of separate intolerances piling up and overworking your furry friend's immune system and reaking havoc on gut health.  This happens because many fillers used in store-bought kibble aren't suitable for dogs' digestive systems. Allergy symptoms are both obvious (rashes, itchy paws) and not so apparent (joint issues, overall health deterioration).  If you suspect Fido may have an allergy issue, switching him over to a natural raw diet could help mitigate the symptoms and get his body back into healthy balance!

Raw Dog Food Helps Cleans Teeth

Did you know that the high sugar content commonly found in store-bought pet food can create an ideal environment for dangerous bacteria to grow, leading to numerous dental problems? Kibble and canned foods also stick around your pup's teeth causing plaque buildup, tartar formation and bad breath. As a solution - consider feeding them raw food! Not only is it less likely to remain stuck between their chompers but it is packed full of beneficial enzymes which promote oral health. And if you really want optimal results - try giving Raw Meaty Bones 1 or 2 times per week! Chewing on these bones helps scrape away plaque and will keep your furry friends pearly whites clean while stimulating gums and promoting circulation too!

Transitioning to a Raw Dog Food Diet

You might think your dog will instantly jump at the opportunity to eat fresh, raw dog food, but that’s not always the case. Believe it or not, your pup may be hesitant to try something different - like a fresh raw dog food diet with its different look and feel! With their kibble they are used to the same intense aroma and flavours, a lot actually have manufactured spray on enhancers, that’s why it’s important to be patient during this time..

Although you can jump right in and switch all at once, introducing raw dog food in small amounts, over a 10 day period is best, especially if your pet has a sensitive stomach. This gives you an opportunity to closely monitor their reaction to the new diet and allows flexibility - should you decide not make a complete switch.    

You should start by making your pet’s daily food intake 75% of their old pet food and 25% new raw dog food. Then increase the amount of new food by 25% every few days. Be sure to keep kibble separate from any raw meals since different digestion process are at play here – this'll help ensure transitioning with as little digestive upset as possible. Please be patient, not all dogs transition at the same rate. Some dogs may adapt quickly without any digestive issues and some may require a longer adjustment period.

During this adjustment period your pup may experience some common detox symptoms like vomiting, loose stools, bad breath and flatulence. To help regulate their digestive system try adding plain canned organic pumpkin (nothing added!) to meals, it'll help firm up stools. Adding a good pre/probiotic will also support them during this time, and is strongly recommended going forward. Rest easy knowing that unpleasant as they are these symptoms mean your furry friend is on track for improved nutrition and overall health!

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